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Welcome to the Department of Social Work

in Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science

Introduction to Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science https://youtu.be/Jb-DjGRNrIE

The Department of Social Work in Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science was founded in 1999.  Our vision is to contribute people strength for the social harmony and progress.  Moreover, the department is designed to cultivate graduates with high social responsibility, to prepare graduates for successful social work practice, and to provide leadership for community services by multiple kinds of collaboration and community partnerships.
To be admitted to the undergraduate program, applicants with a high school or vocational degree must complete an application process with multiplechoices.  The transfer examination is hold on each semester/year for sophomore and senior students who are willing to transfer to the Department of Social Work.
The mission of the Department of Social Work is to cultivate the potential candidates with social work professions and social responsibility for caring vulnerable population and assisting individuals, family, and community to solve their problems and enhance their well-being through provoking their potentials.
The curriculum emphasizes both social work theory and social work practice to help students successfully develop social work professions and work for social work practice. The curriculum also helps students obtain the social work license. In the practice, the program integrates with resources in communities and collaborates with public sectors and non-profit organizations to promote social welfare projects.
Students have to complete the following foundation courses
Sociology, Psychology, Introduction to Social Work, Introduction to Social Welfare, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social CaseWork and Case Management, Social Group Work, Social Statistics, Community Work, Management, Research Method for Social Work, Project Program Design and Evaluation, Social Policy & Legislation, Social Work Management, Professional Practicum, Social Psychology, Social Welfare Administration, Process and Skills Approach to Helping, etc.
Elective courses are available for students to learn a variety of social work profession in order to work for different concentrations of social work after graduation. The courses include: Social Problems, Communication and Human Interaction in Work Settings, Child and adolescent Social Work, Medical Social Work, The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse, Gerontological Social Work, Psychiatric Social Work, Play Therapy, Non-profit Organization Management, Family Social Work, Family Therapy, Juvenile Delinquency and Probation Institution, Correction Social Work, The Prevention of Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors, School Social Work, Hospice Care and Social Work, Abnormal Psychology, Women Study, Long Term Care, Multicultural Social Work, etc.Non-profit Organization and Management, Forensic Social Work, Life Education, Social Welfare Policy Comparison, Social Welfare Legislation, Emotion and Stress Management, Interpersonal Relationship and Communication, Play Therapy, Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Career Development and Planning, Teenager Development and Counseling, Family Social Work, Volunteer Management, Psychiatric Social Work, Gerontology, Disability Social Welfare and Services, Family Assessment, Family Violence Prevention, Counseling Skills and Practice, Administrative Laws, etc.
Graduates may be continue their graduate study in the fields of Social Work, Social Welfare, Child Welfare, Social Policy, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Prevention, etc.
Graduates can work as the roles of the following different professions in non-profit organizations or public sectors.

  1. Licensed Social Worker at Social welfare related institute.

  2. Officer/Contracted Social Worker in public sectors.

  3. Social Worker/Counselor in Schools.

  4. Medical Social Worker/Psychiatric Social Worker.

  5. Forensic Social Worker/Guardian.

  6. Organizer/Planner in communities.

  7. Social Worker/Organizer in non-profit organizations.

  8. Researcher in a variety of fields of Social Science, such as Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, etc.




Department of Social Work, CNU

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