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Data Source: Department of Social Work

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We offer a department-based curricular design, collaborating with public sector institutions and non-profit organizations to promote social welfare projects, keep abreast of current social needs, and further technical skills in welfare services. Our aim is for students to develop professional competency in social work, an understanding of ethical requirements for this profession, and a sense of social responsibility. To be admitted to the undergraduate program, applicants with a high school or vocational degree must complete an application process with multiplechoices. The transfer examination is hold on each semester/year for sophomore and senior students.

Graduates can work as the roles of the following different professions in non-profit organizations or public sectors as follows: Licensed Social Worker at Social welfare related institute,Officer/Contracted Social Worker in public sectors, Social Worker/Counselor in Schools, Medical Social Worker/Psychiatric Social Worker, Forensic Social Worker/Guardian, Organizer/Planner in communities, Social Worker/Organizer in non-profit organizations, Researcher in a variety of fields of Social Science, such as Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, etc.



Department of Social Work, CNU

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